Do your Taxi's follow a normal MOT procedure ?

No, Licensed Taxi's must go through a vigorous test every year. Harder than a MOT.

What is the minimum age of your Taxi Drivers ?

21 years of age which is the Law for a Licensed Hackney Carriage driver.

What is a Hackney Carriage ?

Do Taxi's have added insurance for customers ?

Yes, Insurance is up to a maximum of 5 Million Pounds in the unlikely event of injuries, etc

Can you arrange for our company to pay on account ?

We can but this is based on individual companies. Please email or call.


Fully Vetted and Licensed by the Basingstoke County Council

Accessibility issues

The London LTI and Peugeot E7 Taxi's are accessible to wheelchair users, those with sight and hearing difficulties and other people with disabilities more info...

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